Do I need to bring a laptop?
It’s a good idea if you have one. We’ll have wifi and places to charge up.

Do I have to register for individual sessions?
No. We say you vote with your feet. If you like the session you’re attending, stick around. If you find that it’s not working for you, politely leave and go to another one. This might be the most casual conference you’ve been to!

What’s for lunch?
On Friday, Qdoba. On Saturday, City BBQ. Sunday, we’re not sure yet! We’ll have vegetarian options all days, too.

Can I bring my spouse to the after party?
Of course! We’re covering appetizers for everyone, but you’re on your own for drinks and food. It’s at Miller’s Ale House on near the intersection of Olentangy and 3rd.

Can I register at the door?
Yes, but we can’t guarantee you’ll get a tshirt and your namebadge will be handwritten. HANDWRITTEN.